Codgering 077
Wednesday 17 October 2012
Captain Noel

Yakking: Somewhere in  Hornsby for some strange reason.

Snacking: Gosford  Sailing Club

Tracking: Rumbalara Reserve

Pics:   | Myke | Bussey |       

Historical feature: 

 What does Rumbalara mean ? And, who is Archibald Acheson ?  [Answer Below]


"The bars are awash with people throwing their lives away in the desperate hope of finding a shortcut, any shortcut. And a lot of them aren't even young anymore."
Hugh Macleod

...the desperate hope of finding a shortcut

The Codgers:

The Walk:

The Venue:

The View:

Rumbalara (the reserve we walked in) is an aboriginal word for Rainbow, although the indigenous people  have a wider meaning for this when they say it –such as “picturesque”.

It’s easy to find Archibald Acheson on the Internet –there are many of this name but the key ones are those who were Earls of Gosford. E.g

“Archibald Acheson, 2nd Earl of Gosford GCB(1 August 1776 – 27 March 1849, Markethill), styled The Honourable Archibald Acheson from 1790 to 1806 and Lord Acheson from 1806 to 1807, was a British politician who served as Lieutenant-Governor of Lower Canada and Governor General of British North America in the 19th century”(Wikipedia)

But the real question is which one relates to our Gosford. The answer is the 2nd Earl (above) and why is because our Governor Gipps (otherwise un-notable) was a mate of the 2nd Earl when he served with him in Canada.